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Foro para pacientes y profesionales de medicina - Is vaping THC dangerous?

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 Is vaping THC dangerous?
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Joseph Parsons

07 Sep 2023 :  20:57:25  Mostrar perfil  Reply with Quote
Studies say probably not IF it’s safe. The problem is the CDC found vitamin E acetate in 100% of patients with the vaping diseases lungs and another wide study group found 100% of black market dabs and thc vape cartridges had Vitamin E as well. That’s not to mention all the spice and other dangerous filler chemicals dealers will use to cut costs. Even dispensary bought vape were shown to have vitamin E or other harmful substances at a rate of around 15%. If the products good you’ll be fine but if it’s not you could develop Lipid pneumonia or a similar lung disease. I actually got X-rays and barely stopped in time but certain airways in my lungs had already closed and it was a near thing. My cousin was a day away from having to get a lung transplant and they found tons of liquid and gunk in his lungs. Obviously this wouldn’t have happened if we’d stuck to dispensary bought but If you’re that worried just smoke flower. Now I’m only all natural with it and haven’t had any problems in months, hope this helps!

Harry Fields

08 Sep 2023 :  20:02:24  Mostrar perfil  Email Poster  Reply with Quote
If you are interested in marijuana, I can recommend The potency with which this strain can send people into a state of euphoria is a benefit that both recreational and medical marijuana users are looking for. If you are an avid smoker and are looking for the perfect night's sleep, choosing Death Bubba Sounds will be a great solution.
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